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Past projects

UX Challenge


project owner: Hub Innovazione Trentino

objective: to design, test and improve the quality of digital products and services developed by companies of Trentino

what to do: to test and improve solvers proposals

target: further information will be available soon

when: Friday 1 and Saturday 2 December


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Aiuta il museo


project owner:  MUSE - Museo delle Scienze di Trento

objective: to test the appreciation of some museum spaces

what to do:  visit specific sections of the museum and answer a survey

target: adults available to participate in a test at the museum

when: About 1 hour, Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 November

Free access to the MUSE throughout the day!



project owner: Fondazione Bruno Kessler

objective: to study some habits that affect the quality of life

what to do:  install anonymous data collection application on your smartphone

target: anyone who own an Android smartphone​​

when: two months from the end of October

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project owner: Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

objective: to test and evaluate the concept of GameBus application

what to do: to use the GameBus application by engaging in the proposed challenges. Challenges can be physical activities (e.g. walking, running, cycling), cognitive (e.g. logic games) or social (e.g. perform activities with other members of your team)

target: teams composed of 3-6 members from the same family

when: from October 2016


A tablet for free!

Mobile Territorial Lab


project owner: Telecom Italia SKIL Lab

what is it: mobile and desktop application that manages personal data

what to do: testing the app and performing the required tasks

target: young parents with children aged 0-10, living in Trentino

when: from December 2012, ongoing (until July 2014)


smartphone and/or free traffic every month



Suitcase is a three-year project, carried out in partnership with a consortium of companies, aimed at developing innovative services for the welfare of citizens in their own home, with a particular focus on older adults. The project's objective is to improve the conditions needed for people to live safely and independently in their own homes for as long as possible.




project owner: Intitute of Informatics and Telematics of CNR

what is it: research project on the evolution of social networks

what to do: using a Facebook app

target: people who have moved to Trento less than 2 years ago

when: throughout 2014

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Future Cloud


​project owner: EIT Digital

what is it: a project to develop services that allow more control and security for the use of personal information online

what to do: access the online forum and comment about the use scenarios once a week

target: 150 persone che abitano a Trento e dintorni e rientrino in determinati gruppi demografici

when: from May to July 2015



Future Cloud 2


​​project owner: EIT Digital

what is it: a project to develop services that allow more control and security for the use of personal information online

what to do: to test a semantic technology that collects data from Facebook and reply to online surveys about concept

target: 150 people from certain demographic groups who live in Trento and surroundings

when: November 2015



All Yours


project owner: INRIA

what is it: a news aggregator, similar to Twitter

what to do: testing the application (desktop and mobile version)

target: people living in Trentino,​​​ who own an Android smartphone​​, interested in testing new applications and services

when: from July to December 2013





All Yours 2 - desktop version


project owner: INRIA

what is it: content aggregator

what to do: testing the technology upon which All Yours is built

target: people living in Trentino

when: 3 sessions of experimentation, starting in September and ending in October 2014




Virtual Gym is an app for tablet, designed for older adults (aged 65-85) who want to do some physical activity at home. Each participant can choose which exercise to peroform, depending on their personal needs.

The experimentation will start in September and end in November 2014. During those 2 months, participants will have to use the app at least twice a week.




Stress @ work is an initiative funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), which aims to develop high-tech services for the prevention of stress and the phenomena of job burnout.



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